'International hotel chains' in discussions about expanding into Jersey

Premier Inn was the first international hotel chain to establish itself in Jersey, opening a hotel at Charing Cross in 2018. Credit: ITV Channel

Several "international chains" are in discussions about opening new hotels in Jersey, according to the island's Economic Development Minister.

Deputy Kirsten Morel told a Scrutiny panel on Wednesday that the island's visitor economy remains strong, and several chains have expressed an interest in branching out to the Channel Island.

He said: "[There] are really good indications that Jersey has a vibrant visitor economy and that international chains are really interested in investing.

"I think there's value in bringing them to Jersey and we're in conversations to do that at the moment."

However, the minister went on to say that a major barrier has been "finding actual sites" to develop.

It comes after plans to build a 103-bedroom "aparthotel" as part of the Les Sablons development on Broad Street were rejected by the Assistant Environment Minister, drawing public criticism from the Chief Minister and Constable of St Helier.

Deputy Kristina Moore said: "I am extremely disappointed to learn that the Les Sablons project has been rejected at this stage, particularly given that it has been recommended for approval by an independent planning inspector.

"Such decisions will not help us to enhance our urban environment, alleviate the housing crisis or support the construction industry at a difficult time – all important priorities for the government."

While the Economic and International Affairs Panel asked Deputy Morel about the decision, he refrained from joining the Chief Minister in publicly criticising the planning decision.

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