Sleepy seal pup flown to UK after leading rescuers on a chase about Jersey coast

The seal pup washed up on the beach asleep and led rescuers on a chase around part of Jersey's north east coast. Credit: BDMLR Jersey

A sleepy seal pup which washed up on a Jersey beach has been flown to the UK after a dramatic rescue mission over the weekend.

A dog walker called the JSPCA on Saturday 28 October after finding the pup asleep on the beach at Fliquet, near St Catherine.

Medics monitored the situation hoping its mother, who was spotted sleeping at sea, would return to feed the pup.

The beaches at Fliquet and St Catherine's were temporarily closed to give mother and pup the best chance of reuniting.

Beaches at St Catherine's and Fliquet were temporarily closed on Saturday to avoid disturbing the pup and its mother. Credit: BDMLR Jersey

Despite the pup’s repeated calls to its mother she never returned as hoped to feed him on the high tide that evening.

The pup who's been nicknamed Fliquet - after the beach he was found at - climbed the stairs to escape from the rough sea.

When the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team returned at first light on Sunday the pair had disappeared.

The whole area was desperately searched - fearing the worst, a runner eventually waved the team over and said: "Are you looking for a seal? It’s up the road under a car!"

The determined pup had made his way up the slip, around the tower and up the hill, eventually taking refuge under a car parked in a garage.

A runner found the seal pup taking refuge under a car parked in a garage. Credit: BDMLR Jersey

As soon as the team's medic reached him, the starving pup tried to feed off her welly boots.

When he realised he couldn’t he carried on up the lane shouting about it.

The team had to bring Fliquet in as he hadn’t been fed in over 24 hours.

The rescue team nicknamed the feisty seal Fliquet. Credit: BDMLR Jersey

They secured him in a carrier and took him to the New Era Veterinary Hospital in St Saviour where medics administered the vital fluids he needed.

Usually, Jersey pups in need of care are sent to Guernsey for rehabilitation at the GSPCA, however, their centre is closed for refurbishments this season.

The pup had to be flown to the UK for rehabilitation as the GSPCA's centre in Guernsey is closed for refurbishment. Credit: BDMLR Jersey

BDMLR got in touch with a charity called Civil Air Support and asked if they could volunteer a pilot to help fly the pup to the UK.

It was able to fly Fliquet to East Sussex where he is being looked after at RSPCA Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre.

The charity says Fliquet is doing "very well" and their "little fighter" is now settled in his temporary home.

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