Storm Ciarán: Supermarket shelves left empty despite warnings against panic-buying

Supermarket shelves in the Channel Islands have been left empty despite warnings not to panic-buy. Credit: ITV Channel

Supermarket shelves have been left bare after shoppers rushed to stock up on essentials ahead of Storm Ciarán hitting the Channel Islands.

Retail bosses have previously reassured residents of the resilience of their supply chain, but the islands' commercial ferry operator warned there would be no sailings for a week.

Condor Ferries' three ships - the Goodwill, the Clipper and the Islander - are responsible for bringing freight to the Channel Islands from the UK or France.

The company says it is "evaluating options" to ensure food and medical supplies can continue to reach the islands.

It comes as government officials have urged people not to stockpile goods and to "be mindful of ensuring that stores are able to provide for all immediate needs".

Jersey residents have taken to social media to bemoan the traffic chaos caused as shoppers' vehicles queue out of supermarket car parks and onto main roads.

One of the Channel Islands' largest supermarkets, the Co-op, says while steps are being taken to minimise the disruption, it cannot be avoided altogether.

A spokesperson told ITV News: "We are aware of the expected forecasts and are taking all steps we can to mitigate any potential issues.

"Unfortunately, due to the expected forecast, we can expect disruptions to supply across both islands for goods being received.

"We would like to reassure shoppers that steps are being taken to minimise any negative impact."

Consumer expert Carl Walker has re-assured Channel Islanders any disruption will be short-lived. Credit: ITV Channel

Carl Walker from the Jersey Consumer Council reassured residents any disruption will be short-lived.

He said: "There is no need for islanders to start panic-buying groceries as more supermarket deliveries are due on the island tonight and early tomorrow.

"For those who wish to buy items to last them for the next few days, please only buy what you need as there are many islanders - such as those working night shifts and those in the emergency and care services - who haven’t yet had the opportunity to shop, and may need to do so very late in the day or early tomorrow."

"All the signs are that normal service should be resumed by early next week."

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