Storm Ciarán: Communities unite in times of need

  • Sophie Dulson reports on the community effort which has lightened the load, after the darkest of storms.

Communities across the Channel Islands have come together to work though the devastation caused by Storm Ciarán.

Over the last 12 hours neighbours, friends and in some cases complete strangers have been lending a hand to those in need. From clearing up debris and removing fallen foliage, to checking on those who live nearby and providing hot cups of tea.

One volunteer says it has been "amazing to see people come together and help".

"We've actually got one chap there who doesn't even live in the parish, I've said where do you come from, he from St Johns but he's already cleared St John's so he's coming to help here which is awesome", says Sam De Gruchy.

All routes in and out of St Mary in Jersey were blocked by fallen trees for a period of the morning. But for 75-year-old Barbara De La Haye, help was on hand. "Thankfully I've got a nice neighbour, who came without me asking and started to help me which is great." For those who couldn't directly help in relief efforts, the offer of hot drinks for emergency service workers were available. Café Owner, Cheyenne O'Connor said: "We'd seen like the impact the storm had had on businesses and people's houses and the emergency services were really busy last night so we just wanted to give something back and be able to offer some hot drinks for the staff".

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