Storm Ciarán: Baby monitor captures moment window is blown in by 100mph winds

  • A baby monitor captured the moment Storm Ciarán blew in a window as a family slept

A mum from Jersey says she's "grateful to be alive" after Storm Ciarán blew in her bedroom window as she and her daughter slept.

Jessica O’Reilly managed to grab her three-month-old daughter Penelope and run to safety before her bedroom window was destroyed by 100mph winds.

The baby monitor captured the dramatic moment the storm blew in her bedroom window, shattering and waking the pair up.

She told ITV Channel: "It felt like something was going to go wrong, and then the glass all came in. It was so loud. I just grabbed her [three-month-old Penelope] and ran downstairs.

"There was a lot of glass that came in, and I'm just lucky that I grabbed her when I did because there was a load of glass in her bed, on the bed, all over on the floor, all over. So we're just lucky to be alive really."

  • Jessica O'Reilly recalls the moment the windows of her home in St Clement blew through in the early hours on Thursday 2 November.

Jessica added: "It felt like the whole house was going to collapse in.

"I am a bit shocked, but just happy that we're safe, that's the main thing. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like that before, where my baby was in danger, never felt anything like that before."

A red weather warning is in place for the Channel Islands, where wind speeds of over 100mph have been recorded.

Floods are closing roads and - with several roofs breaking apart - entire properties have been left devastated.

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