Jersey Airport to re-open for the first time after Storm Ciarán hit the Channel Islands

Jersey Airport will re-open at 12pm ahead of the flights departing from 2pm. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey Airport will re-open its doors to passengers from midday on Friday 3 November, with flights recommencing from 2pm.

Ports of Jersey officials say sufficient repairs have been made in order to allow the airport to re-open in a "safe, secure and compliant" way.

Authorities in Jersey are still urging people to allow extra time for their journeys.

Jersey Met has reassured islanders that while the weather will remain "unsettled" over the next few days, there are "no signs of any significant storms or heavy rainfall" affecting the Channel Islands in the coming days.

Occasional gales and rainfall are forecast over the weekend, but meteorologists say they will be calmer than the conditions Storm Ciarán brought on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Forecasters predict that while gale force 8 or 9 winds may reach the Channel Islands over the weekend, they will be short-lived, and are "normal for this time of year".

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