Turtle, named 'Barnacle Bill', rescued after getting lost during Storm Ciarán

'Barnacle Bill' will need "warming up" after being used to the warm Mediterranean waters. Credit: GSPCA

A turtle, named "Barnacle Bill", has been rescued after getting lost during Storm Ciarán.

A Guernsey couple spotted the lost loggerhead turtle - a species which is typically found in the Mediterranean.

Michael Le Page said: "We were walking along Chouet this morning, where we discovered many things washed up and one was a sea turtle covered in barnacles.

"We thought he was dead at first as he wasn't moving... thankfully he moved", Michael and Michaela said. Credit: GSPCA

"We nearly didn’t see him, but once we realised what he was we picked him up and got him to the GSPCA."

After spending the day at the GSPCA, "Barnacle Bill" is now "barnacleless".

He was 1.255kg on arrival, and now the barnacles have been removed "he weighs 885g which must be such a relief", the GSPCA said.

Bill has "been placed in an intensive care unit" and is "very lively swimming around in the new enclosure". Credit: GSPCA

The turtle will now need "warming up" after being used to warm Mediterranean waters.

GSPCA Manager, Steve Bryne, added "The winds and the storm have sadly caused a lot of damage and our wildlife have really struggled but we are here 24/7".

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