'Shocking' extent of violence against women in Jersey revealed by new report

  • Katya Fowler has been hearing from some of the women and girls who contributed to the report.

Around a quarter of all crimes in Jersey involve violence against women or girls, according to a new report.

326 people volunteered to take part in the survey which was part of a study by a new 'task force'.

Almost all the participants in the survey have experienced at least one form of sexual harassment in their lifetime.

One in four said they had undergone the ordeal of rape or attempted rape.

Following the findings, the group has suggested 77 recommendations including what they say is the "urgent need for specialist counselling support for victim-survivors, which is currently extremely limited and detrimental to their long-term recovery."

An independent review of the Jersey criminal justice system in relation to domestic abuse, rape and serious sexual offences has been requested to investigate whether current arrangements within the system deliver the best outcomes for victims, defendants, and justice.

Currently, stalking is not named as an offence in Jersey but has been named an offence since 2012 in the UK.

28% of victim-survivors had experienced stalking and 95% of the general public survey believe this should be a crime.

Kate Wright chairs the task force. She says the report is "a shocking revelation of the extent and nature of violence experienced by women and girls in Jersey."

She adds: “It is a testament to the courage of our daughters, sisters, mothers, partners, friends, and colleagues who have endured unthinkable violence, abuse, harassment or been failed by our systems that should have protected them."

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