Amount raised for Poppy Appeal 'severely' harmed by Storm Ciarán says Jersey organiser

The amount of money raised for Poppy Appeal has been "severely" harmed by Storm Ciarán, its Jersey organiser says.

"Jersey is always incredibly generous but I have to say this year we have been hit severely by ongoing bad weather and of course the storm", said Alison Opfermann.

"It was quite correct that we all followed government advice and stayed at home for two days - it just happened to coincide with usually two of our most successful and important collecting days".

However rightly, she added, donations too may have been directed to other causes after Storm Ciarán destroyed people's homes in the island.

"[British Legion] are here every year collecting - those poor people have been affected probably once in their lifetime by something this bad and we need to really pay attention to that".

On Saturday 11 November, a brass band are playing on King Street in St Helier and vintage cars are being displayed in the Royal Square.

With one day left to donate, it is hoped these events will help improve the total raised this year.

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