Guernsey animal charity appeals for help in repairing damage left by Storm Ciarán

"Our large aviary ... that doesn't exist anymore". Credit: ITV Channel

An animal charity in Guernsey has launched an urgent appeal to raise around £25,000 to replace enclosures damaged in Storm Ciarán.

Fallen trees have destroyed the GSPCA's aviaries beyond repair - with many animals having to be kept inside as a result. Damage was also caused to fences and wildlife habitats.

Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager, said: "Our large aviary that we use regularly for things like peregrine falcons, barn owls, long eared owls... the pretty species of birds that we love to see - that doesn't exist anymore.

"It's completely blown away, destroyed into pieces and without that it will be really uncomfortable rehabilitating those birds".

Steve also said "many injured and poorly animals arrive due to the storm ... including Barnacle Bill the loggerhead turtle who is doing well and is now eating well".

The GSPCA is hoping that donations will address the "immediate needs of the shelter", therefore ensuring the "vital work in animal welfare" can continue.

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