Missing eagle found days after being blown off-course during falconry display

Helmlock, a steppe eagle, flew up to perch on a wall before he was carried away by a gust of wind. Credit: ITV Channel

An eagle which was blown off-course during a falconry display in Jersey has been found days after he went missing.

Hemlock, a male steppe eagle, was taking part in a demonstration at St John's Manor on Friday 10 November.

The bird of prey - which has a 1.5 metre wingspan with brown and white feathers - flew up to perch on a wall before being carried away in a gust of wind.

After reported sightings several miles away in St Peter on Monday, Hemlock was eventually found near Rue des Landes by an eagle-eyed passer-by.

Darren Le Maistre told ITV News how he came to find the bird: "My wife had sent me a screenshot from Facebook, saying he's been spotted.

"I read up that they might possibly hunt low to the ground, so I thought I'd have a look in some of the fields and green lanes - and that's where I spotted him."

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