Plans to create the Channel Islands' first onshore wind farm in Alderney

Three turbines could be built near Fort Albert to help produce a third of the island's electricity needs from renewable sources. Credit: Alderney Electricity

Alderney could be set to become home to the Channel Islands' first onshore wind farm.

The island's energy company, Alderney Electricity, has proposed installing three turbines at Fort Albert as part of a £3.5 million project to help generate a third of the island's power from renewable sources.

The plans still need approval from the island's government before they go ahead.

It comes as plans to create offshore wind farms in Guernsey and Jersey are currently being considered.

Alderney Electricity says while the cost of the work will be raised through electricity bills, prices won't go up as a result.

The utility company says the cost of a unit of electricity produced by diesel generators costs 25 pence, while the equivalent produced by solar is just 10 pence.

Bill Abel leads the States of Alderney's Energy Working Group. He said: "We only use diesel at the moment to generate power.

"Diesels are both expensive as well as emitting carbon in various forms, so to move forward with alternative power sources is key to the island's resilience and sustainability."

James Lancaster, the company's managing director, told ITV News: "We have worked up a proposal for both wind and solar power to deliver a third of the island's electricity needs and our internal target is to do that within three years."

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