Orphaned seal pup rescued from Jersey beach and taken to Guernsey for treatment

Orphaned seal pup found in Jersey but transferred to GSPCA for care.
Faulkner the seal pup was half the weight he should be for his age when found in Jersey. Credit: BDMLR / GSPCA

A two-week-old seal pup has been rescued after being found near L'Etacq in Jersey.

The white seal - nicknamed "Faulkner" after the nearby Faulkner Fisheries - was found on Sunday 12 November by a marine medic during a beach clean.

Jersey's British Divers Marine Life Rescue team cordoned off the seal so it could spend the day sleeping undisturbed.

It was hoped his mum would return for him during the high tide but sadly this never happened and Faulkner returned to the beach on Monday morning.

Rescuers assessed the pup was undernourished and needed to be removed from the beach.

The JSPCA was not able to care for seal pups and all UK seal rehabs were full, so Faulkner was taken to New Era Veterinary Hospital to be treated.

Faulkner is now being cared for by the GSPCA team in Guernsey. Credit: GSPCA

Upon hearing about the young pup, GSPCA manager Steve Byrne agreed to take him in.

Faulkner was taken to Guernsey on the boat that transports the day's papers - where the GSPCA was waiting for him.

He said: “At 22kgs we now have to double his body weight and get him wormed, so he's in our intensive care area for seals and Geoff has already given him his first meal of fish soup."

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