Scrutiny calls for simplified island-wide voting in Guernsey's 2025 election

The review found there's "significant support" for the ability to vote for any candidate who stands despite their location on the island. Credit: PA

Islanders in Guernsey could be given fewer votes in the 2025 general election if recommendations from a new report are taken up.

The island's Scrutiny Management Committee has published its report following a review of island-wide voting which includes eight recommendations.

Guernsey held its first full island-wide voting election in October 2020 where islanders were given 38 votes and had to choose from 119 candidates.

During two hearings, the panel heard how the election had caused a lot of confusion but that there was still an appetite for the ability to vote for any candidate who stands - despite them being from outside their own parish.

Others told the panel that island-wide voting had caused a "disconnect" between the elected officials and the local parishes - something that the committee recommends the States work on before 2025.

Some of the other recommendations include: having manifestos published earlier, improving the promotion of any candidate videos and getting those standing to take on introductory States sessions so they're aware of what the job entails.

The report also found there was a large appetite for the electorate to meet candidates in person before they cast their votes.

Scrutiny Management Committee’s President and the Review’s Chair Deputy Yvonne Burford said:

“For the 2025 election, based on the evidence considered, the Review Panel believes that some changes could be made that would constitute improvements to the current system and these are set out within the report as recommendations to the States Assembly and Constitution Committee."

The panel also included: Deputy Simon Fairclough, Deputy Carl Meerveld and former deputies Advocate Chris Green and Ms Michelle Le Clerc.

Some of those who gave evidence during the hearings included: Mary Lowe (former deputy and Mother of the House), Mr Richard Digard (Vale Douzenier and former Editor of the Guernsey Press), Ms Shelaine Green (Chair of Women in Public Life) and Mr David Piesing (former adviser to The Guernsey Party).

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