Calls for Island Energy to reveal compensation offer to Jersey customers left without gas

Some Jersey homes and businesses were left without mains gas for more than a week due to a technical fault. Credit: ITV Channel

There are calls for Island Energy to "get a move on" and reveal how Jersey residents left without gas for several days will be compensated.

The utility company's CEO, Jo Cox, previously said customers affected by the outage would be paid back as a "goodwill gesture" but Island Energy has not revealed any details so far.

The Jersey Consumer Council says it's been contacted by "angry and confused" customers who are calling for answers after receiving bills for the period of time they were disconnected.

Carl Walker, the group's chairman, told ITV News: "Island Energy needs to get a move on and explain what the plan is, even if they’re not ready to implement it just yet.

"I would encourage them to reveal details of the compensation scheme, as some islanders have started receiving bills which include the daily standing charge for the days during the outage.

"This is leading to some confusion and anger from consumers, who are contacting the Consumer Council."

Carl Walker says the JCC has been contacted by "angry and confused" Island Energy customers looking for answers.

When contacted by ITV News, a spokesperson for Island Energy said the company is "still investigating" the best way of compensating customers for the inconvenience.

They said: "Business customers are now able to speak to our team about the disruption and there is a process for them to follow to show us any adverse effects they may have experienced.

"This is done on a case-by-case basis and in a way that complements any business insurance they may already have."

The spokesperson continued: "For our domestic customers we are in the process of finalising our plans to offer a goodwill payment to each.

"As there are no pre-agreed or pre-planned conditions for payments to customers when disruption occurs, this process has to be worked through, an appropriate amount decided and we also have to establish the best way to apply any payment to our customers’ accounts.

"This has taken considerable time and is the reason for the delay in the announcement of our plan. We would ask that customers bear with us, we will inform them of our plans as soon as we are able.”

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