Every Channel Islands mobile network planning to launch eSIMs by 'early 2024'

eSIMs allow most smartphones to use a second phone number, or remove the need for a traditional SIM card at all. Credit: PA

Mobile networks in the Channel Islands have started offering eSIMs to their customers, several years after the technology was introduced in the UK.

Embedded SIMs can replace traditional SIM cards, connecting devices to networks and providing them with a phone number.

However, they are much smaller in size and built into phones and tablets, paired with operators by scanning a QR code rather than using a physical card.

Most modern smartphones allow users to have multiple phone numbers - one using the eSIM and one using a traditional SIM card.

eSIMs can replace traditional SIM cards in mobile devices, or be used alongside them to use a second phone number. Credit: Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Airtel-Vodafone was the first Channel Islands mobile network to support eSIMs, launching the technology in May 2023.

Currently, only mobile phones and tablets are supported, but the company says it is "exploring an eSIM solution for wearables such as smart watches" which will be available in the future.

JT has become the latest operator to support eSIMs, saying they are "simpler, safer and more convenient" for smartphone users.

The company's Chief Product Officer, Tom Noel, said: "Our eSIM services have robust security features, making smartphones much more secure against fraud, especially SIM Swap because you are virtually connected to the network.

"With no physical SIM, it's harder for cybercriminals to acquire another SIM card and re-register the number in their name."

He added another benefit is they eliminate the need for physical SIM cards, reducing electronic waste.

Sure customers will also be able to switch to an eSIM from early 2024.

Mike Fawkner-Corbett is the head of Sure's consumer products. He said: "We are currently working with our suppliers to launch eSIM functionality as an option for Sure customers in early 2024.

"eSIMs will be beneficial for those travelling into Guernsey who want to benefit from switching between mobile service providers while travelling."

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