Shoppers told to 'double check' prices as consumer expert warns of Black Friday scams

Shoppers are being urged to check that offers claiming to be discounted for Black Friday are as good as they make out. Credit: ITV Channel

Shoppers are being warned to be on the look out for scams or offers that are too good to be true posing as Black Friday deals.

The annual shopping event sees businesses claiming to offer a plethora of promotions on goods and services.

However, research by Which? found as few as one in seven deals offer a genuine discount on the regular purchase price.

  • Consumer expert Carl Walker explains the precautions shoppers can take.

Carl Walker from the Jersey Consumer Council urged shoppers to take care: "Double-check that the offers that you are seeing, online particularly and in-stores, are indeed genuine.

"There are plenty of websites out there that islanders can look at which can give them a price tracker which will show them what the price has been and whether or not they are making a genuine saving or not."He explained how some unscrupulous retailers can deceive customers: "In many instances, retailers will inflate their prices in October and September in order to appear like they are slashing them again in November but in real terms, you're simply paying what you would have paid in July or August anyway."

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