Calls to consider compulsory purchase to restore Jersey's unsightly listed buildings

The former Odeon Cinema retained its listed status in 2011 and has been restored internally by the Freedom Church. Credit: Deputy Montfort Tadier

A Jersey politician says it is "inexcusable" for the government to allow the island's listed buildings to fall into disrepair.

Deputy Montfort Tadier is calling on the Environment Minister to explain what the maintenance requirements are for the owners of listed buildings and how they are enforced.

He likened the Grade 1 listed former Odeon cinema on Bath Street - now used by the Freedom Church - to "1980s Soviet architecture, just before the fall of Communism."

Deputy Tadier said: "[The Odeon] was designated grade 1 listed status supposedly because of its rarity in the British Isles as an architecturally complete example of a post-war 1950s cinema.

"As it stands, it looks more like an example of 1980s Soviet architecture, just before the fall of Communism.

"It is particularly sad to see its condition given that it has two neighbours, Millenium Park and the Premier Inn."

Bath Street has recently seen extensive modernisation: from Millenium Town Park, to new apartments and the Premier Inn. Credit: Le Masurier

He continued: "What kind of impression will tourists and business visitors have of Jersey, when faced with such crumbling architecture?"

Deputy Tadier went on to say if the building's current owners cannot or will not restore it properly, the government should consider grants, de-listing or compulsory purchase to allow it to be restored or redeveloped.

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