Police station evacuated after mortar and grenade from Second World War handed in

La Route du Fort in St Helier was closed off and police staff evacuated their offices after the explosives were handed in. Credit: ITV Channel

Parts of Jersey's police station in St Helier have been evacuated after someone brought an old mortar and unexploded grenade in to report them.

The force says "two historic incendiary devices" were brought in just before 9am on Monday 27 November, leading to sections of the building being evacuated and the surrounding road - La Route du Fort - closed off.

A bomb disposal officer came in to "safely remove and discharge" the devices, and the area has since been re-opened.

Discovering historic munitions is a fairly common occurrence in the Channel Islands, which were the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Jersey Police says the person who brought the explosives to the station only wanted to report them and seek advice, but they should be left where they are and emergency services called so qualified experts can properly dispose of them.

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