Can you teach an old dog new tricks?: Clever canines learn Jersey's local language

  • Phil Wellbrook finds out if the art of dog whispering is any easier in Jèrriais

Pet owners in Jersey are using a new guide to help teach their dogs some new tricks, in the form of the island's native language.

Jèrriais is thought to only have 500 surviving native speakers, but the Norman-French lingo is going through a renaissance with thousands of schoolchildren now learning it as part of the local curriculum.

The newfound interest in the language has led to some interesting new uses - anyone who has tried to teach their pooch to respond to verbal commands will know it's no easy task... is it any easier in Jèrriais?

Illustrator Anne Cakebread has published a new handbook to "teach your dog Jèrriais" with the help of local language teacher Susan Parker.

Dog-related commands such as 'Assied-te' (sit) are included in the book among other expressions, accompanied by 1950s-style illustrations and the Jèrriais pronunciation.

Ms Parker told ITV News: "I'm thrilled that Anne approached me about creating this book.

It's a fresh, accessible new publication which is a perfect Christmas stocking filler and an important addition to the toolkit to revitalise our native language.

I'd love to hear as many dogs as possible speaking Jerriais by Easter!"

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