Private aircraft operators in Jersey could be hit with new carbon tax on flying

"Polluter pays" could be introduced to Jersey after a proposed amendment Credit: ITV Channel

A carbon tax could be charged on private jets in Jersey to meet the government's climate plan of becoming net-zero.

A new amendment has been proposed to Jersey's Government Plan to look at the potential of introducing such a tax to fund the £300m needed to support the islands plan.

The amendment states: “This will include an investigation of the introduction of an appropriate carbon tax or charge relating to the operation of private aircraft.”

Within the proposed Government Plan, principles to inform the development of the Carbon Neutral Roadmap Long-Term Financing Strategy (LTFS) were established to introduce 'polluter pays'.

If passed, it would consider a "proportionate tax or charge which balances the significant environmental impact of private aircraft travel, with the important role private aviation plays in servicing the Island as a hub for business and leisure".A recent study found that, per passenger, “private jets are five to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes" and so the report states the charge would be the "right thing to do".

The island previously declared a Climate Emergency and has committed to reaching net zero by 2050.

The Jersey Aero Club would be excluded as well as "users of sustainable aviation fuel from any tax or charge introduced".

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