Minute's silence to be held on anniversaries of L'Ecume II sinking and Haut du Mont explosion

Credit: ITV Channel

A minute's silence will be held in Jersey on the one-year anniversaries of two tragedies.

The first will take place on Friday 8 December at noon to mark the sinking of the L'Ecume II.

There will then also be an opportunity on Sunday 10 December to reflect on the Haut du Mont explosion.

All public servants will stop work at these times to pay their respects, and all islanders are welcome to do the same.

On the evening of Thursday 7 December, a memorial service is being held in Town Church.

The government says it is using its social media channels to guide anyone who may need mental health support during this time.

Jersey's Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore, says: "A year ago our island was devastated by two terrible tragedies that occurred within 48 hours of each other, in which 13 people lost their lives and that none of us will forget.

She added: “As well as those directly impacted by the disasters, the anniversaries will be something the whole island will want to mark, reflect on and remember - whether that’s by attending the service, observing the silences or in their own, personal way."

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