Memorial remembers 13 people killed in Jersey explosion and fishing boat tragedy

  • Watch the service at St Helier's Town Church

A memorial service to remember the 13 people who died in the Haut Du Mont explosion and the fishing boat disaster has taken place in Jersey.

The evening vigil was led by the island's Dean, the Very Reverend Mike Keirle, at St Helier's Town Church from 6pm on Thursday 7 December and streamed online.

Jersey's Dean, Mike Keirle said: "One of the things I found so moving walking into the church this evening, was seeing 13 large candles lit around the front, it just brought home to me that it's not just an event we're talking about, it's the 13 lives that were lost in two tragedies 48 hours apart".

Jersey's Chief Minister, Deputy Kristina Moore added: "This is an exceptionally difficult time of year."

She said: "We're all moving towards Christmas but those families that lost their loved ones will be thinking about what they were doing this time last year and of course, at that time they had no idea what was coming.

"So we all think of them and hold them in our thoughts and our prayers at this very difficult time."

Three people died when the L'Ecume II sank and ten people died following the explosion at Haut Du Mont. Credit: States of Jersey Police

Jersey will also mark one year since the tragedies, with two separate minutes of silence planned at midday on Friday 8 December and Sunday 10 December.

On Thursday 8 December 2022, the L'Ecume II fishing boat sank off Jersey's west coast after a collision with the freight ship, the Commodore Goodwill.

Three crew members were on board at the time; Mick Michieli, Larry Simyunn and Jervis Baligat.

Just two days later, on Saturday 10 December, an explosion at a block of flats in St Helier left 10 people dead.

Nine Haut du Mont residents were confirmed to have died in the explosion - Peter Bowler, Raymie Brown, Romeu and Louise De Almeida, Derek and Sylvia Ellis, Ken and Jane Ralph and Billy Marsden - while Kathy McGuiness, who lived in a neighbouring block, died just over two week later in hospital.

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