Police chief condemns Jersey twins who made hundreds of 'disgraceful' emergency calls

Jersey's Royal Court
The Bissons appeared before Jersey's Royal Court after making hundreds of malicious emergency calls. Credit: ITV News

Jersey twins who made more than 500 "disgraceful" phone calls to the island's emergency services have been sentenced in the Royal Court.

The court heard that Erin Robyn Bisson and Richard Anthony Bisson - both 48 - made 529 "malicious, threatening or abusive" calls between January 2022 and September 2023, and were "vexatious and offensive" in the way they dealt with police officers.

Officers had to create a log of their interactions with the Bissons, which ran on for 79 pages over the course of the investigation.

Erin and Richard Bisson were arrested in September 2023 and were originally charged with 26 telecommunication offences but these were reduced to nine charges - all of which the pair pleaded guilty to.

On Friday 8 December, Richard was jailed for 12 months while Erin was sentenced to do 180 hours of community service.

The pair were also handed a 10-year restraining order banning them from contacting Jersey Police or the island's Honorary Police unless it is a genuine emergency or they are a victim of crime.

The Bisson twins made more than 500 "malicious, threatening or abusive" calls to the Emergency Services Control Room.

Jersey's Chief of Police, Robin Smith, said: “Throughout my 30-year career I have not seen such disgraceful conduct directed towards police staff and police officers.

“These two individuals wasted a significant amount of police time with their appalling behaviour, the calls were persistent and intentionally provoking.

"They distracted Emergency Service Control Centre staff when they could have been answering serious emergency calls from islanders."

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