Firefighters say d'Auvergne School and toilet block fires were 'deliberate acts of arson'

  • Katya Fowler reports...

Three fires started in Jersey overnight have been deemed "deliberate acts of arson" by investigators.

24 firefighters were called out to three separate blazes - two in the public toilet block in Millenium Town Park and another at d'Auvergne School - at around 9:30pm on Tuesday 12 December.

Six teenagers - aged 13-15 - were arrested on the school grounds, four on suspicion of fire-related offences.

As well as the fires, swastikas and other offensive symbols had been graffitied on nearby walls.

Swastikas and other offensive graffiti was found in the public toilet block and around the school site Credit: ITV Channel

Five fire engines were needed to bring the "suspected deliberate" fires under control.

A spokesperson for Jersey Fire & Rescue said acts of vandalism like these affect their ability to respond to genuine emergencies.

They said: "Whilst dealing with these types of incidents, our capacity to respond to genuine emergencies is impacted.

"This not only jeopardises the safety of our crews but also the safety of the wider public."

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Jersey Police on 01534 612612.

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