Teens, 13-15, arrested after fires started and swastikas daubed during school break-in

 still of the exterior of d'Auvergne school (Shot from June 2022)
Officials from d'Auvergne school say a large amount of vandalism and graffiti has been found across the site. Credit: ITV Channel

Parts of d'Auvergne school in Jersey have been closed after fires were started and offensive graffiti was daubed around the site.

A group of teenagers broke into the school through a fire door at around 8:45pm on Tuesday 12 December, triggering an alarm.

Four fire crews were called out to the site to help extinguish the fires.

Four boys and two girls - all aged 13-15 - were found at the school a short time later and arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering while four of the teens were arrested for fire offences.

Children in nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2 have been asked to stay at home, while pupils in Years 3 and up have been told to arrive as normal.

Students who are going to school will not be allowed into the building, with activities taking place in a nearby church instead.

Parents have been asked to pick them up at midday.

The school has confirmed that the breakfast club has been cancelled, as have all after-school clubs.

Headteacher Sam Cooper said: "We are very upset that this has happened to our school."

He added: "Please reassure your children that the school will look as smart as usual when they return on Thursday."

Police investigations are ongoing.

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