Government spends thousands on 'illegal' speed humps for St John's Road closure

A one-way road system on the St John’s Road was due to be trialled in August, but has been delayed. Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey's government has spent thousands on speed bumps that are illegal on the island's roads.

The £5,000 ramps were ordered in error as part of a delayed trial to make St John’s Road one-way, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Authorities previously said "unforeseen supply and labour issues" and knock-on impacts from Storm Ciarán were to blame for the third postponement of the trial.

However, a series of emails exchanged between officials suggest that the ramps were a significant factor behind the delay.

The scheme has now been pushed back for over four months, no exact date has been confirmed for its introduction in Spring 2024.

The pre-fabricated speed bumps ordered are said to be non-compliant with Jersey's laws. Credit: Government of Jersey

Around £16,600 has already been spent on the trial project.

The sensors will gather data on traffic flows, transport modes and travel patterns around St John's Road over the three-month scheme.

The trial will see the lower part of St John's Road between Parade Road and Cheapside turned into a one-way system (northbound only).

The lower end of St John's Road would be made one-way northbound, with southbound traffic sent down Parade Road. Credit: Government of Jersey

Traffic heading towards town along St John's Road will be directed to use Tower Road and Westmount.

Bollards will also be introduced to create more space for pedestrians on the narrowest section of the road.

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