Alderney politicians frustrated by airport extension delays

"I think the new Chief Minister has got to stop going round in circles" - Alderney representative: Alex Snowdon Credit: AECOM / States of Guernsey

Alderney representatives have expressed frustration after the Bailiwick's new Chief Minister said he would bring the airport extension back to the States for debate.

Alderney politician Alex Snowdon told ITV Channel that Deputy Lydon Trott needed a "reality check" and has "funny views about Alderney".

The extension - which was agreed by Guernsey politicians in December 2022 - would allow larger planes to land and replace the old 1960s terminal building and fire station.

The future of the rebuilding and refurbishment could be in jeopardy, with Deputy Trott wanting to reconsider the benefits of the expense.

Deputy Trott speaking in Guernsey States said: " How can we possibly justify spending between 26 and 30 million on Alderney - the equivalent of 800 million on a per capita basis when we can't fulfil our own capital spend here in Guernsey?

"We can't build a new school, but we can build a new airport. That doesn't make any economic sense."

Alex Snowdon, who represents Alderney in the States, said: "I think the new Chief Minister has got to stop going round in circles and go on and get a grip of the situation.

"I think the Chief Minister trying to cut Alderney adrift would be ridiculous... he needs to come to the island and understand how we are trying to build the economy".

Alderney politician Steve Roberts on the possibility of further runway debate...

Alderney politician Steve Roberts said: "Deputy Trott doesn't seem to think Alderney should have a runway for some reason or other".

"We pay all our tax to Guernsey... and [the airport] has been left run down and not maintained".

He added: "It is absolutely essential for Alderney that we have this, without this Alderney will go down the deficit will go up, and Guernsey will lose money."

Nigel Voought, Chair of Alderney's Policy and Finance Committee said: "I believe there is a strong economic case and I'm certainly dusting down the numbers and look forward to the debate next year.

"Hopefully we will be able to persuade Lyndon that there is a strong economic case and the runway will go ahead."

One resident in Alderney said this is long overdue, one said: "We've had nothing done for years and years, the actual runway is in a terrible condition and it's our lifeline."

Another said, "I found the airport here and everyone working here quite marvellous and I'm always happy but then I don't fly a lot."

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