Guernsey regulator says Sure's broadband prices are "far too high"

Sure thinks the watchdog has overlooked the cost of future investment. Credit: DANROK / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Guernsey's competition regulator has said that Sure - who provide the island's broadband - need to lower their prices by nearly a third.

Guernsey Competition and Regulatory Authority (GCRA) say the wholesale cost of broadband is "far too high" and puts "needless pressure on the cost of living for households by charging excessive prices".

The independent regulator has now instructed Sure to lower its prices from 1 April 2024 by 31%.

If successful the GCRA say retail customers would benefit from an average saving of £116 in the first year.

The GCRA has also told Sure to reduce its wholesale leased line charges by 23%.

However Sure thinks the regulator has overlooked the cost of investing in future services.

CEO Alistair Beak defended his company's costs saying: “Sure is approaching the halfway point of the fibre roll out, a £25m investment that is futureproofing Guernsey by giving customers faster speeds and a more reliable service.

“The GCRA’s decision does not include any impact analysis on the fibre roll out – meaning little consideration has been given to our ability to deliver on the plan, in partnership with the States of Guernsey, to reach all of Guernsey by the end of 2026.

"The GCRA decision also means that Sure has no incentive to improve broadband services in the future.

He concluded: “Sure will continue to challenge the GCRA's decision".

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