Jersey runner taking on 12 marathons in just 12 days in the lead up to Christmas

A man from Jersey is running 12 consecutive marathons in 12 parishes in the lead-up to Christmas.

Joe Parkinson is undertaking the sporting feat in a bid to raise awareness and money for two charities, MindJersey and The Jersey Christmas Appeal.

He started his challenge in St Saviour and has since completed nine parishes with his friends joining him along the way.

Today (20 December) Joe ran his ninth marathon at St Peter, he said: "Obviously it's a physical challenge but also a mental challenge.

"I know it's a tough time for people so I'm looking to raise some money for two fantastic charities for people who struggle at this time of year."

He added: "I had this challenge in my head for a couple of years, I focused my training on mostly endurance this year and I heard there is an increase in the amount of people contacting Jersey Christmas Appeal.

"With the training, I've done and the current state of affairs I just thought now is the time to do it and having MindJersey and the Jersey Christmas Appeal in mind is the driver for it."

Johnny Picot, head physiotherapist at Strive is one of many who are supporting Joe.

He said: "I think Joe is crazy, I think anyone who commits to running a marathon the training regime and training running up to that is very brave, let alone doing it 12 days in a row"

Mr Picot added: "It is absolutely fantastic, he is committed to doing this and more people are hearing about it now so hopefully people can donate a few pounds to Joe for all of his fantastic effort.

"The cumulative effect of load on the body, joints, the tendons and the muscles everything takes its toll over time and I think Joe is beginning to feel that now, but we will get him through to the finish line on Saturday".

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