Deputy Steve Ahier nominated as new Infrastructure Minister for Jersey

The nomination will only be confirmed if the vote of no confidence in the Chief Minister is rejected Credit: States of Jersey

Jersey's Chief Minister Kristina Moore has nominated Deputy Steve Ahier as the Minister for Infactstrure.

It comes after Deputy Tom Binet lodged a vote of no confidence and resigned as the Infactstrucure Minister on Tuesday 2 January.

He claims Deputy Moore had "woeful" leadership skills and that "the past 18 months have been a depressing affair for many".

He added that the "morale amongst States Members is very poor" and accused Deputy Moore of showing "a complete lack of integrity" over the resignation of Suzanne Wylie as the Government's CEO last year.

Deputy Kristina Moore said: "It is really disappointing that he does have that opinion."

She added: "We have tried our best to work with Deputy Tom Binet, particularly because we believe that delivering the hospital project is one of the most important things the public wants us to achieve, and we have a plan to do so.  

"Our focus remains on doing just that."

The appointment of Deputy Steve Ahier will only be confirmed if the vote of no confidence in the Chief Minister is rejected.

Scrutiny is now writing to the Chief Minister to clarify who will be taking responsibility for the hospital.

The vote of no confidence is the first item up for debate in the States on 16 January.

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