Wholesale price of milk goes up 7p per litre in Jersey

Tim Backshall reports...

The cost of milk has risen by 7p per litre, with Jersey Dairy increasing wholesale prices in the new year.

Farmers have faced increases in operating costs which will now impact the consumer.

In Jersey, it will cost around £1.60 for a litre.

Jersey Consumer Council suggest the average retail price of milk dropped steadily over 2023 - but this will rise in the first month of 2024. Credit: Jersey Consumer Council

 In January 2022 the average for a litre was about £1.34. This time last year, the cost of milk rose by 15p per litre.

Industry authorities say further cost increases have been caused by inflationary price rises in raw materials and energy since Brexit and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Wholesale prices of Guernsey Dairy has also risen by 6.3% this week.

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