Reform Jersey meet Chief Minister to negotiate terms of support in key vote

  • Deputy Sam Mézec: "There is a long way to go"

Jersey's Chief Minister has met with members of the Reform party to discuss the conditions of their support as she faces a vote of no confidence.

Deputy Kristina Moore is hoping to secure their 10 votes that would help keep her in position after Infrastructure Minister Tom Binet resigned and proposed a change in leadership.

If she is ousted, Deputy Binet previously said he would be interested in succeeding her in the top job.

Reform Jersey's leader, Deputy Sam Mézec has indicated he would also throw his hat in the ring if the Chief Minister loses the vote.

After the meeting on Tuesday 9 January, Mézec said: "We put to her our concerns about frankly the failure of the government to deal with the cost of living crises effectively.

"We have not been happy with things up until this point and the Chief Minister still has a few days to offer genuine improvements and convince us.

"We're happy to work with anybody who wants to see our plan delivered [Reform Jersey's housing strategy] .

"We are going to be open minded about that but there is a long way to go."

Meanwhile, Deputy Kristina Moore did not stop for an interview following the meeting but told ITV News "it's always good to talk" and "no-one can ever be complacent".

The vote of no confidence is expected to take place at the next States' sitting on Tuesday 16 January.

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