Jersey portable sauna business may have to find new home after planning refused

The portable structure, Sauna Society, may now have to move from its location by the Canoe Club at St Catherine's breakwater. Credit: ITV News

The owner of a mobile sauna in Jersey has had his planning application refused.

Cole McLean was hoping to get permission for his business to stay by the Canoe Club at St Catherine's.

However, his application has been declined, meaning it will now need to find a new location or have its proposal resubmitted, which Cole says could cost thousands.

The planning department refused permission for five reasons which include: failure to demonstrate how the plans will protect or improve the areas, failure to show there would not be a rise in traffic, and failure to prove how the business will support and contribute to the local economy.

The submitted application was also deemed to include inaccurate drawings and several pieces of missing information.

However, Jersey Fire and Rescue, Environmental Land Control, and the Natural Environment Team had no objection to the plans.

The Ports of Jersey also confirmed that the sauna structure did not obstruct any life-saving or associated equipment.

Environmental Health though said it required more information on the sauna's wood-burning stove and opening times.

The sauna's owner Cole McLean says submitting further plans will cost thousands of pounds. Credit: ITV News

The application also includes several comments made by the public.

One islander objected to what the sauna looks like: "The sauna – basically a large black box – will stick out like a sore thumb. I had wondered if it might be more acceptable located against the wall at the head of the breakwater, but there too it would be a blot on the landscape".

Another worried about islanders using small boats nearby: "My concerns are based on the safety and transport of people and small craft exiting and returning from St Catherine’s sailing club".