Children of Beatles producer receive an instrument donation from Guernsey

Guernsey has donated 30 musical instruments to Montserrat island - which Giles and Lucie Martin will accept. Credit: PA Images

The children of Beatles producer Sir George Martin have received an instrument donation from the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

30 musical instruments - including violins, cellos and a drum kit - have been sent to the Caribbean Island of Montserrat to continue the islands' musical relationship and "support young people in music".

Sir George Martin, often dubbed the "fifth Beatle", lived in Alderney on Braye Road as well as in Montserrat.

His children Giles and Lucie Martin will formally receive the donation at an event designed to celebrate "the new relationship between the islands".

Tim Wright heads the Guernsey Music Service who provided the instruments and said: "Working on this initiative with Government House and the Governor’s Office in Montserrat has been an incredibly unique opportunity.

"George Martin was an inspirational producer, and many of the biggest names in music recorded at his studio in Montserrat. For he and his family to connect us with Montserrat only makes this more special".

Governor of Montserrat, Sarah Tucker, added: "Montserrat and Guernsey are both part of the British Family, being able to link our youth together musically is something very special for Lt General Richard Cripwell and I as the respective Governors".