Reform Jersey back vote of no confidence in Chief Minister Kristina Moore

Deputy Kristina Moore (left) has not convinced Reform Jersey to back her, with Deputy Lyndsay Feltham (right) stating "there is no way forward" under her leadership. Credit: ITV Channel

Reform Jersey will not support the Chief Minister in the upcoming no confidence vote.

After two meetings with Deputy Kristina Moore, the island's largest political party decided that she would not receive their ten votes - which may prove crucial in the final tally.

Reform Jersey's Deputy Leader, Deputy Lyndsay Feltham, said: "The Chief Minister has gone back on so many of her own pledges and really there is no way forward with the current Council of Ministers.

"Unfortunately, her and her team didn't see the impact of the letter that was sent to teachers on Friday - they aren't planning any kind of reset."

Reform says the "final straw" came on Friday - after ITV News revealed teachers in Jersey will automatically be given the government's latest pay offer and then banned from taking part in any industrial action relating to pay until 2027 unless they opt out.

ITV News understands the vote on Tuesday 16 January is going to be extremely close.

Speaking today (15 January), Chief Minister Kristina Moore remained confident: "You can't be complacent.

"I've spent the weekend talking to States' members and I think we've got the numbers. Of course I don't take anybody's vote for granted.

"I think there are States' members who want to hear the debate ... I myself find that we should all be focused on policies and delivering on the things that islanders wanted to see, rather than personalities. Sadly, many are focused on personalities."