Jersey's Chief Minister removed from position by politicians in historic no confidence vote

  • "An appalling day": Jersey's Chief Minister reacts to be voted out of office

Deputy Kristina Moore has been ousted as Jersey's Chief Minister after a successful vote of no confidence.

She becomes the shortest serving Chief Minister in the island's history and, although three others have faced a no confidence motion during their time in the top job, Deputy Moore is the first to lose one.

27 politicians voted to remove her, while just 22 wanted her to stay in position. There were no abstentions.

Speaking to ITV News after the vote, Deputy Moore said: "I'm really sad for the island and I think today has been an appalling day. It should never have come to this."

After just 18 months in the post, Deputy Moore will now be replaced by a new Chief Minister to be decided by the States Assembly in the coming days.

She has confirmed that she will stay on as a States' member.

Throughout Tuesday's debate (16 January), members aired grievances over key issues including the hospital, teachers' strikes, the cost of living and the housing crisis.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Tom Binet, who lodged the vote, called Deputy Moore "rude and thoughtless" and said the Council of Ministers perform "policy by drip-feed".

A poignant moment saw St Lawrence Deputy Deirdre Mezbourian address the Assembly briefly to say she was "ashamed" for the first time in nearly two decades as a Jersey politician. She did not elaborate further.

Key ministers defended Deputy Moore's record and she appeared visibly emotional when addressing politicians just before the vote.

Whoever succeeds her as Chief Minister will have two years before the next election in 2026, and four politicians have put themselves forward so far.