'Rude and thoughtless': Deputy Tom Binet opens debate to remove Chief Minister

Emma Volney spoke to politicians through the day, and reports on the day's events...

Deputy Tom Binet laid into Jersey's Chief Minister as he opened the vote of no confidence debate this morning in the States.

He described Deputy Kristina Moore as "rude and thoughtless", and the Health Minister as "awkward and unhelpful".

He said that Council of Ministers meetings are merely "policy by drip-feed" and "death by PowerPoint".

He focused on the resignation of former CEO Suzanne Wylie saying he had seen her "leave the Chief Minister's office in tears"- allegations Deputy Moore said she would counter.

The Chief Minister responded by saying the debate is "personality politics" and that she wants to be focusing on policy,

She acknowledged Deputy Binet has had a successful business career - but said "business and politics are not the same thing" and added he was not "a team player".

"We are a work in progress", she responded, "being Chief Minister is about compromise, consensus and coalition".

"I know I've made mistakes. I'm not perfect ... but I care about the job and I care about Jersey".

In a blow to the Chief Minister, the ‚ÄčAssistant Minister for Children and Education Richard Vibert resigned from his position so that he can support the vote of no confidence.

Health Minister Karen Wilson and Environment Minister Jonathan Renouf, however, have given speeches strongly defending the island's top politician - as the final decision nears.