Jersey amateur cyclist aims to cycle 700km in seven days

  • Steve had a final training session in St Ouen before starting the challenge

An amateur cyclist from Jersey is taking on the challenge of cycling 700km in seven days.

Steve Phillips aims to cycle 100km every day, which he estimates will take him between four to five hours.

He aims to raise £3,000 for Doddie Aid, a charity which helps funds research to find a cure for motor neuron disease.

He told ITV News: "We've got a few friends who are suffering from motor neuron disease, one of them sadly passed away on New Year's Day.

"The people who've got MND are suffering and getting out on your bike and riding 100k a day isn't suffering is it?

Steve is looking forward to all the scenic routes he'll be able to take Credit: ITV Channel

"You've just got to keep going and push through it really."

Despite Steve's epic challenge he only picked up a road bike for the first time a year ago.

He'll be out in all types of weather and is also hoping to have some willing volunteers to help him on his way.

He said: "I'm going to ask people to join me on the route as well if people want to join me for a few miles here and there, give me a bit of a push, no pun intended, give me a bit of a push along the route that would great you know."