'Nothing is getting done': Jersey residents frustrated at lack of repairs post Storm Ciarán

  • Phil Wellbrook spoke to residents who are still feeling the impact from the storm.

It has been more than two months since Storm Ciarán struck Jersey but some residents in the parish of St Clements say they are becoming frustrated at the length of time it is taking to get repairs completed.

Islanders living in properties managed by Maillard & Co have expressed annoyance at seeing scaffolding being put up at buildings managed by other property management companies, yet none at theirs.

One resident Dave Larose said: "It is very frustrating. I think most of the people around here are a bit cheesed off because everywhere else seems to be getting work carried out to their premises and in this estate, nothing is happening."

Dave's garage is currently covered by a large piece of tarpaulin covering a large hole caused by the storm. He says the rain coming through has ruined many of his belongings.

He adds: "It's very depressing. It’s the same old, you come back here and it reminds you of that night. You just want to move on and get things done."

Speaking to ITV Channel, property management company Maillard & Co, said the delay is down to the insurers and labour shortages.

The company's director Chris Marsh said: "The time it takes in order to arrange for the contractors, leading times, the quotations and to get it agreed by the insurance company, is the reason why it has been delayed.

"People think there's nothing happening but actually there's quite a lot of work happening. But actually there's a lot of work in specifying the repair works that are needed, and then getting those works priced and then agreed upon by the insurance company."

With regards to claims that communication between the company and residents has been "poor" Chris added: "That's frustrating. Frustrating for us. What will no doubt happen at the end of this project is we'll sit down and evaluate what we could have done better to make sure that we have some learning outcomes