Jersey's new Chief Minister backs Deputy Tom Binet to get multi-site hospital built

  • In his first sit-down interview with ITV Channel, the newly-elected Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham reveals his plans.

Jersey's new Chief Minister has told ITV Channel he is nominating former Infrastructure Minister Deputy Tom Binet to be Health Minister in his government.

Deputy Lyndon Farnham was elected as after defeating Deputy Ian Gorst by 27 votes to 22 - Reform leader Deputy Sam Mézec was knocked out of the race after the first round of votes.

Speaking to ITV Channel, Deputy Lyndon Farnham said he knows the role "is not going to be an easy job. It is difficult. We have a fractured assembly".

On nominating Deputy Tom Binet to take over the health department, he said his remit would include overseeing the new hospital project.

He also added that he would be backing a multi-site solution: "We can't delay this new project now. Tom's done some sterling work getting it to where it is.

"We've got the get it finished. We've got to get it costed. We've got to get it before the Assembly for approval, and then we've got to get building. There's actually no advantage, no profit whatsoever, from stopping this project to wind back to something else".

Deputy Farnham also mentioned that he is open to working with the leader of Reform Jersey Sam Mézec, and will be meeting him to discuss members of the party joining the government.

The new Chief Minister added that equality in his government will be important: "I think our new Council of Ministers has to be balanced in many ways, including from an equality perspective but most importantly we need the right people for the right roles".