Jersey's new Chief Minister has put forward picks for new council of ministers

Lyndon Farnham
Chief Minister Lyndon Farnham has chosen his top team. Credit: ITV News Channel

The new picks for Jersey's Council of Ministers has today (Monday 29 January) been announced :

  • Health and Social Services - Tom Binet

  • Justice and Social Affairs - Mary Le Hegarat

  • Children and Education - Richard Vibert

  • Housing and Communities- Deputy Sam Mezec

  • Social Security - Deputy Lindsay Feltham

  • International Development - Deputy Carolyn Labey

  • Infrastructure Connétabble Andy Jehan

  • Environment - Deputy Steve Luce

  • Sustainable Economic Development -Deputy Kirsten Morel

  • Treasury and Resources - Deputy Elaine Millar

  • External Relations - Ian Gorst

Lyndon Farnham has also proposed splitting the existing role for Minister for Children and Education into two "Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning" and a "Minister for Children".

If that is approved, Deputy Robert Ward would be nominated as Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning.

But, the Chief Minister designate may face opposition to some of his selections in the States.

The current housing Minister Deputy David Warr this morning confirmed to ITV News he would contest the nomination of Sam Mézec to Housing.