Sark's £137,000 bill to trade its old crane for newer model

  • Crane driver, Jeremy La Trobe-Bateman, explains the importance of the new crane for Sark

Sark has taken delivery of a new crane to the tune of £137,101.

Without an airport, Sark is dependent on cargo arriving by sea, meaning a crane is vital for the island.

Crane driver, Jeremy La Trobe-Bateman told ITV News: "Everything has to come through the Sark harbour and that involves this crane craning it on and off, no crane, no cargo."

The old crane was traded in for a brand-new version after completing its final job unloading building supplies on Monday 5 February.

The new crane will unload cargo in Maseline harbour, lift boats in and out of Creux harbour, and will help to assist with Sark's building projects.

It has been specifically chosen so it can fit through both of the tunnels that lead to the island's two harbours.

Jeremy La Trobe-Bateman, Sark's main crane driver for 40 years, drove the new crane onto the island before driving the old crane to the landing craft.

The old crane will be repurposed after being transferred back to Guernsey.