Surprise 100th birthday party for a Guernsey veteran

  • Roisin Gauson went along to join in the celebrations

A Guernsey veteran received a surprise visit from family and friends to celebrate his 100th birthday on Wednesday 7 February.

Well wishers from the UK, Scotland, and Australia gathered to celebrate Tom Morris’ centenary event.

Tom was born on 7 February 1924 - the eldest of four siblings, who all attended his party.

He actively served during World War II, before returning to Guernsey to work for States Work.

In reaching his 100th birthday, Tom has received a message from the Governor of Guernsey as well as a personalised card from King Charles III.

Tom said: “I did try to phone [King Charles], but he’s busy.”

Among the party attendees was Tom's nephew, John Morris from Australia who said: “I've been planning it for the past 12 months but I wanted it to be a surprise for him."

He added: “It's the most Morrises that's been on the island for 53 years."

Tom still lives independently and credits fresh air, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol as the secret behind reaching his impressive milestone.

When asked if he'll have a drink to celebrate his birthday, he simply replied: “Probably - a cup of tea."