Builders call for changes to planning policy to help Guernsey's social housing crisis

  • Serena Sandhu explores Guernsey's social housing crisis

A Guernsey deputy has admitted that only one new unit of social housing will be complete on the island this year.

It comes as 348 households are on waiting lists.

No new social housing was built last year on Guernsey.

The President of Guernsey's Social Security & Employment Committee, Deputy Peter Roffey said: "It's nowhere near good enough."

Brodie Williams, who is 19-years-old, is currently on the waiting list for a social house.

She said: 'I lost my mum when I was 14 so I moved in with my sister for a few months but there wasn't really room.

"I moved to my mum's friends but the landlord put the rent up and then I had nowhere to go, so me and my sister came to Action for Children".

Action for Children say they are looking after over 60 young people who are struggling with housing problems and homelessness in Guernsey.

Children's Services Manager Aaron Davies, said: "Young people are resourceful when they want to be, staying on mate's sofas, staying in cars, with family members.

"But the move on options for young people becoming more difficult to achieve." The construction industry says suspending the Government's controversial planning policy - known as GP11 - will stimulate growth.

The Chair of the Guernsey Construction Forum John Bampkin told ITV News: "We can at least suspend GP11 for right now and get local developers to start building.

The policy states that developments with more that 20 new dwellings should provide nearly 30% of social housing, but so far none have been built under the policy.