Traditional treats with a Jersey twist to celebrate 'Fat Thursday'

A Jersey bakery is celebrating ‘Fat Thursday’ by creating traditional Polish sweet treats.

A bakery in Central Market in St Helier has prepared over 3,000 ‘pączki’ for the day. 

These Polish doughnuts are filled with fruit jam, covered in white icing and sprinkled with orange peel.

Pastry chef Tomasz Neyder said: "We follow a traditional a Polish recipe with a Jersey twist."

Tomasz who moved to Jersey from Poland said: "It's a massive tradition in Poland, like Pancake Tuesday, but now it is celebrated in other countries too."

Tomasz told ITV News that these Polish doughnuts are “really popular” with islanders.

Tłusty Czwartek, known as 'Fat Thursday' or 'Greasy Thursday', is a Christian custom that marks the last Thursday before Lent.

The day acts as the last opportunity for feasting or eating items that are considered 'forbidden' before the fasting period of Lent.