Rock royalty got 'Satisfaction' from a Jersey harmonica player

pic of jersey harmonica player Giles Robson with Mick Jagger when he performed in Mustique in feb 2024
Jersey harmonica player did not 'Mess It Up' when he performed in front of rock legend Sir Mick Jagger. Credit: ITV Channel

A Jersey harmonica player had the 'Satisfaction' of receiving compliments from music legend Sir Mick Jagger.

It was meant to be 'Just Another Night' for Giles Robson who was playing his harmonica on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

However, the musician was in a 'State of Shock' after receiving a compliment from none other than Mick Jagger himself.

Giles said he was "very honoured to meet a hero - who was very complimentary about my harmonica playing."

Giles told ITV News: "He shook me by the hand and said I think you sound great."

He added: "I'm still buzzing - a really magical moment."