Alderney's blue post boxes to appear on Bailiwick Stamps

CREDIT: Guernsey Post / Nickie Shales
The stamps have been designed by local artist Nickie Shales. Credit: Guernsey Post

Guernsey Post has revealed new stamps which showcase Alderney's blue post boxes.

The stamps, which are being released today (14 February), have been designed by local artist, Nickie Shales.

They show water colour drawings of the locations Alderney's seven post boxes can be found.

King Charles III's royal cypher is also displayed toward the top left.

Alderney's post boxes were painted from red to blue in 1980. Credit: Guernsey Post

Each letterbox in Alderney includes a royal cypher, a custom that dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria.

Just one box on Alderney has Queen Victoria's cypher, found on the museum's entrance on High Street.

King George V's cypher features on Whitegates' post box overlooking Essex Castle, and the post box on Victoria Street.

The remaining four display the longest reigning monarch in British history's cypher: Queen Elizabeth II.