Jersey Hospital trials early detection scheme for heart failure as cases predicted to increase

  • ITV Channel reporter Katya Fowler has been finding out more about the pioneering scheme

Jersey's Hospital has been chosen as one of seven across the British Isles to take part in a pilot scheme designed to reduce heart disease.

The aim is to cut deaths by 25% in 25 years by using GP records to spot triggers that could later lead to cardiological problems.

It is estimated that between 1000 and 2000 people in Jersey are living with heart failure and that figure is expected to rise over the coming years and decades.

Aaron Henry, Cardiology Fellow at Jersey Hospital, added: "Really sadly, we know that 4 in 5 patients have their condition diagnosed in hospital.

"Firstly it's about identifying those who are at risk of heart failure and then we will introduce them to the preventative nurse, to prevent them from developing heart failure.

"It is not enough for our patients to live longer, we also want them to feel better during that time as well."

Tim Glennie was one of those unknowingly living with heart failure.

He said: "I was aware of some of the symptoms if somebody had a heart attack but heart failure can be slightly different.

"I didn't associate shortness of breath or the swelling of feet with heart disease and that's despite the fact that our doctors and nurses are both friends and members of my extended family."

More information about the symptoms of heart failure can be found here.