People in Alderney asked for their views on improving the island's natural environment

Corbelets Bay Alderney
Key aims of the new strategy include connecting the community with the natural environment and identifying areas for agricultural development. Credit: ITV Channel

Alderney residents can help direct a conservation policy on the island by responding to a new public consultation.

The draft 'Nature & Agriculture Strategy' outlines how Alderney's natural habitats could be maintained and enhanced.

One aim is to identify areas for agricultural development in the island.

General Services Committee Chair, Lin Maurice said: "The focus is on food production and food sustainability as well as providing a framework to help safeguard our amazing natural environment."

The strategy also invited residents to become "citizen scientists" by registering endangered or rare species that could make their way to the island.

Chair Lin Maurice added: "With climate change, new and different flora and fauna will most likely appear.

"People who are gardeners, or have hobbies such as fishing or bird watching, will be the first to find new species of plants or a creature that they may not recognise."

There will be a drop-in session for people at the Island Hall's Anne French Room at 10am on Wednesday 28 February.